How to Help.

There are a number of ways you can help support the Joshi Project and the establishment of the Trieste model of mental health care in Scotland.

  1. Donate: We are currently raising funding to conduct a feasibility study to present the full case and firmly establish the need for a Trieste-style community mental health clinic (CMHC) with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Board trust and the Scottish Government. Our aim is to set up an initial pilot CMHC in Glasgow and ultimately in every community in Scotland.You can support The Joshi Project directly via the donate buttons on this website or visit our GoFundMe page.
  2. Volunteer your community support: If you are involved in the industry, the arts, music, culture or recreation in your community, we would love to hear from you.

    The Trieste model of mental health care fosters the engagement of the community in which it operates. The emphasis of treatment is focused on an individual’s personal story, their specific and immediate, whole-person needs and the integration of care and recovery into their life and aspirations.

    Get involved. Join us. Send us an email at with “community support” in the subject line. At some point in the future, we’d love to help match with someone who could really use your expertise and guidance.

  3. Help organize charity events: Organize your own fundraisers in support of The Joshi Project. You’ll also be supprt and what it means for those whose life will become liveable again and, in many cases, saved.
  4. Buy a book: In 2010, charity co-founder and Joshi’s dad, Mark S. Smith, wrote the historical Holocaust biography “Treblinka Survivor: The Life and Death of  Sperling.” It was the recipient of a Scottish Arts Council award and an Amazon best-seller. The Joshi Project is selling signed copies of the book for £30 (plus postage), every penny of which will go to the charity. Contact Mark at Hello… and put “book” in the subject area.

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